Build Your Personal Brand

Digital Business Card For Individuals

Modishcard for individuals offers elements like unique colors, customizable URLs and marked QR codes with additional customization possibilities.

Build Your Personal Brand

Just don’t be the smartest person in the room. Connect outside the world to show your skills and experience.

Customize Your Business Card

Customize your profile, Business Card Design, the QR Code you share among your network.

Manage Address Book

Connect your favourite applications. Sync your contacts and share with them in one scan.

CRM Integration

Connect your favourite applications. Sync your contacts and share with them in one scan.

Why choose Modishcard for Individual Professionals?

Custom Branding

What if you want a rebranding Now?

You have worked long and hard to create a name for yourself. You know what people say when you're out of the room: he's an inventive marketer. She's an outstanding lawyer on patents. He knows all about the export market in Latvia. Build your personal brand with the help of Modishcard Digital Business Card and connect and share anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Customize Profile

Connect Anywhere and Everywhere

Brand consistency is important. While setting up your digital business cards, we’ll match your brand’s colors on your virtual card and customize your QR code, so that it includes your company’s logo mark.

Individual Professional Digital Business Card Features

Costum Branding
Build Traffic
Organize Contacts
Building Brand
Schedule Meets
Email Signatures

Track Analytics of Your Profile

Track - Analyze - Grow

Get a deeper understanding of your social media profiles. Modishcard gives you the tools you need to analyze data for your profile in one place. Process and share your data quickly with an easy-to-use interface and shareable reports. Helps to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more.

CRM Integration

Get more by integrating with Modishcard Integration.

The Admin Dashboard will provide you access to the universe of integrations you may unlock. We connect your processes with hundreds of business tools, generate efficiencies across your sales pipeline and help foster leadership.

Explore Integrations

Contacless Sharing

Simple - Fast - Smooth

Paper business cards and hand shakes are not acceptable in the world post COVID19. With our digital cards, we help transition your workforce to a contact-free business card solution that keeps your workforce safe, and your clients happy. Digital cards further remove the mystery from your ROI and help your employees nurture relationships from the get-go.